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The Second Sun

A study shows that there was a second sun (star) in the solar system used to orbit in the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter, around 200 million years ago.

Initial Release: January 15, 2014
Last Updated: February 14, 2015

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The Permian Triassic extinction event that took place around 250 million years ago is the worst and longest lasting disaster to ever hit the earth. It wiped out almost all life on earth, including insects. It took the earth about 30 million years to recover. This event was caused by the dying second sun.

Isotopes found in some Permian-Triassic rocks point to space as the source of the extinction!

When the second sun entered its final period of life, it started firing neutron and gamma rays at the earth and tore it apart, as well as the other inner planets, creating open areas and trenches in the crust, all the way down to the mantle. And via these open areas and trenches, asteroids and meteoroids from the second sun have gone into the earth's mantle, caused the sea floor to form and mountains to rise; plus the lowlands and mountains on the other inner planets. As a result, all inner planets have expanded. And because of the water on Earth, continental drift started.


The above picture shows the orbit of a metal (iron) asteroid in the main asteroid belt, called, Psyche. It is almost in the middle of the belt. It has a diameter of about 250 km. It has "not" been visited or investigated yet. It could be the inner core of the second sun or a major part of it.


Knowing the role the second sun has played in the formation of the earth and the other planets, will help understand how the earth and the other planets work, which can lead to forecast natural disasters and discover new natural resources. It can also provide guidelines of where to find earth-like planets in the universe.


Earthquakes, Tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are caused by distant dying stars, most likely pulsars or stars with the same attributes and behavior, firing neutron and gamma rays at the earth, penetrating the earth atmosphere and going all the way down to the earth's mantle, causing ionization of gases inside the mantle that lead to an increase in gas volume or pressure. What makes these rays to go undetected is that the chemical reactions inside the mantle do not occur instantly. And because of the time the chemical reactions take to show up, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions do not appear, from the general observation, to have any relation with cosmic rays in space.


Signs of a second sun can be found everywhere!

QUOTE: "The carbon in your proteins, calcium in your bones, oxygen you breathe, iron in your blood, and almost all the other atoms in your body were manufactured inside a star!"

The difference however between what we have here and what is mentioned in the quote above is about the manufacturing date and the place of the factory. It is thought that it has happened "billions" of years ago, in an unknown place in space, whereas we say it happened 200 million years ago only, and inside the solar system. In addition, the mentioned elements are attributed to an unknown star that has gone supernova explosion, but we say the star does not have to explode as supernova in order to produce these chemical elements and others.



















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